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Our site now offers photo sharing for you friends and family.  Click on the links below to see the dances and be able to share on social media or download and print for your own pleasure.  Enjoy!!!
2012 Jerseys & Jeans Dance
2012 Juneau August Fest
2012 River Market Demo
2012 Iron Ridge Demo
October 23, 2012  Curt Braffet
2012 Pirate Party Dance
November 27, 2012 Noah Siegmann Dance
March 14, 2013 New Dancer Graduation Dance
90 Years Young and Still Going Strong!
July 14, 2013  Beaver Dam Lake Days
July 21, 2013  Jam in Juneau
Swingin' Beavers
Square Dance Club
Sept 14, 2013 Old Time Gathering
October 29, 2013 Halloween Plus Dance
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Jerseys & Jeans
Juneau August Fest
River Market Demo
Iron Ridge Demo
Curt Braffet
Pirate Party
Noah Siegmann Dance
New Dance Graduation
Beaver Dam Lake Days
Jam in Junea
Olde Time Gathering
Halloween 2013 Plus Dance
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