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Questions and Answers About Square Dancing

Over six million people participate in the square dancing activity characterized by music, exercise and good clean fun! The following questions are often asked by individuals interested in square dancing:

Question: What Is Modern Western Square Dancing?

You dance in squares of eight dancers (usually 4 men and 4 ladies). The space required for one square to dance comfortably is in the neighborhood of 144 square feet. While learning to square dance you become familiar with the basic language. From that time on, you simply follow the calls or directions of the person up at the front of the hall. They are the caller, and you'll find that they are a very important contribution to your square dance pleasure. Four couples form a "square" and dance a pattern of figures as directed by the caller. Movements are smooth, rhythmic, graceful and easy to learn. As a rule you dance a tip (two songs) lasting around 10 to 12 minutes and then rest a bit.

Question: What Kind of Music Do You Dance To?

The dancers keep pace to rock, classical, pop and country music.

Question: Who Square Dances?

People of all ages who are interested in good, clean fellowship and fun square dance. Dancers start as young as age 8 on up. Square dancing is enjoyed in cities large and small, in every state of the United States, in all provinces of Canada, and in more than 50 countries overseas. By tradition, square dancing is an excellent family activity. It's truly a great American pastime, but it's enjoyed by friendly people everywhere.

Question: But I'm Single - Do I Need A Partner?

Both the adult single and youth are encouraged to join the activity. In fact, some areas have separate clubs for adult singles and youth. Many clubs will have "angel" dancers that are available to dance with singles and youth. Everyone is welcome!

Question: But I Have Never Danced Before!

If you can walk to music, you can learn to square dance. Many of today's experienced dancers have never been on the dance floor prior to learning to square dance.

Question: How Much Time Is Involved In Square Dancing?

That's pretty much up to you. You may decide that you want to squeeze dancing into an already busy schedule or you may want to be like some of your friends who belong to several square dance clubs. You should, at least in the beginning, count on a minimum of once a week while you are learning to square dance. Most clubs have a dance every other week once classes are completed.

Question: How Does One Learn?

Square dancing requires classes to learn the basic square dance movements. A new dancer joins the "classes" and under the direction of a caller/teacher, usually meets once a week having fun as they learn. Most square dance classes run about 20 weeks and produce a dancer qualified to dance in most of the clubs worldwide. Most clubs conduct at least one class each year. FREE introductory classes are usually offered prior to each square dance class to see if you will enjoy the activity before signing up for the complete set of classes.

Question: How Much Does It Cost To Square Dance?

Attending a square dance is, at most, less expensive than a night out at the movies; far less, indeed for one couple to enjoy than for one person to pay for one round of golf. Although the costs vary, an evening of dancing lasting from two to three hours, sometimes including coffee and refreshments, will cost around $5.00 to $7.00 per person (more or less). Youth under the age of 18 are almost always half price or free. Add to this the great value that here is a sport/hobby that is enjoyed by husband, wife and family together!

Question: What Kind Of Attire Do We Have To Have?

To start, you dress casual/comfortable for classes. Once classes are done, the lady will typically wear a comfortable-fitting prairie style skirt and low-heeled, leather-soled shoes and the man a pair of slacks and a long-sleeved shirt. Of course, as you learn to dance, it's fun to dress up a bit more, and the complete western-style outfit might be how you want to go. Some conventions will require western dress but a lot of clubs allow the casual style. Shopping the “second hand” clothesline sales at dances can be a great way to pick up very nice attire at a very reasonable price.

Question: After The Classes, What Then?

There are over 10,000 square dance clubs in the world. After the series of classes, a dancer can dance anywhere in the USA and 50 foreign countries, because square dancing is always called in English. After completion of the classes, the dancer is presented with a diploma and joins a club as a fully qualified dancer. As a member of a club, the dancer may participate in club dances, special dances, festivals, state conventions and even attend the National Square Dance Convention, where as many as 39,000 dancers from all over the world have gathered once each year to dance, make friends and renew acquaintances. Completion of the square dance class launches a dancer into a new world of fun and fellowship.

Question: What Other Dance Programs Are Available To Me?

Beginners learn what is referred to as Mainstream level of dance. After dancing for a year or more, you may be ready to try another level. Plus, Advanced, and Challenge levels are available. Round Dancing is another fun option for couples. Round dancing is choreographed ballroom dancing. There are a number of levels for this form of dancing as well. The programs are broken down into Phase 2 through 6. There are various rhythms danced including: the Two Step, Waltz, Rumba, and Fox Trot to name a few.

Square dancing is a great form of entertainment, therapy and exercise. Classes start each year in September. Contact Us for more information.

We hope to see you in September!